Mortgage Corner

Choosing a mortgage broker is as important as choosing a Realtor. The mortgage broker needs to listen to your requirements, determine your qualifications and then match it to all the different lenders that they have at their disposal.

I meet a lot of mortgage brokers and I am always asked to recommend a mortgage broker to clients. This is such a hard task for me because all the brokers that I know are great at their jobs, and can provide the service that a client needs. But you need to connect to them as much as you connect with me.

The mortgage brokers in my Mortgage Corner have been a great source of information for me regarding the ever-changing mortgage industry. Most have monthly newsletters and blogs that contain a wealth of information.

In this corner, I want to showcase some of the mortgage brokers that I have met over the years. They have provided me with articles about topics in the industry that I think are of interest to my clients. If the articles are of interest to you, please feel free to contact them and discuss any mortgage questions you may have.

Mortgage Corner: What’s Your Best Rate

We love this question – What’s Your Best Rate?

First – We need to learn as much as can about the client and property, our commitment is to then source the best rate available!

Second – we truly appreciate referrals and we do not put our clients through any haggling or negotiation regarding rates.

Third – For clients who have already been pre-approved by their bank branch or a bank mortgage specialist there are always rate options to beat these offers along better terms including penalties that are 75% lower!

Here is our answer:Are you a first-time home buyer or repeat buyer?How much is your down payment? Less than 20% or more than 20%?

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Mortgage Corner: Tips for Getting a Good Credit Rating for Mortgage Application

Luckily, your credit score isn’t always going to be the same. Once you start making timely payments, your credit rating can change. It is not a black hole that you will have to live with for the rest of your life. There are innumerable tools you can use that will allow you to make the positive change that you want for your credit rating. How do you ensure that you earn back the good credit rating that you want for yourself? Let these tips help you out!

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