Where are you from?

I am a Calgarian. I have spent all but the first 11 years of my life in Calgary. During those early formative years, I was in Vulcan, Alberta – where I was born. And of course, I’m a Trekkie.

With a name of “Lapointe”, are you French? Do you speak French?

Mais non. I do not speak French (aside from the few phrase I remember from high school). I am a first-generation Chinese Canadian, born to Chinese immigrants. And to my parents’ dismay, my spoken Chinese is minimal. Just enough to order my favourite dim-sum dishes, and my written Chinese is non-existent.

The “Lapointe” is from my husband, John. And non, he doesn’t speak French either. His father’s side of the family is French, from Quebec; and his mother’s side is Scottish/English, from Saskatchewan.

My very supportive husband John and I are fur-parents to 3 dogs: Bailey, a Shepard-cross, Austin, a Doberman and Aspen, a Maltese-Poodle cross.

How did you get into Real Estate?

I found my dream career as a REALTOR® in a round-about way. I had wanted to pursue a career in Real Estate when I graduated from high school but my parents wanted me to be a good Chinese daughter and become an Accountant. I worked for many years in the oil & gas sector as an Accountant, followed by a brief stint as an Investor Relations Professional, also in the oil & gas sector. Then in 2009, I changed directions and became a full-time REALTOR®.

Why did you get into Real Estate?

I became a REALTOR® because I wanted to have an impact on the lives of those embarking on their real estate journey. I have an interest in real estate but a commitment to those that choose me as their REALTOR®.

Over the years, personally, I’ve bought and sold homes, so I know what it’s like to be a client. I know how important a good REALTOR® is. Buying and/or Selling a property is a journey. It’s not a quick weekend getaway. It’s more like a round-the-world excursion. It needs proper planning before execution to ensure that the journey is as stress-free as possible.

The real estate industry is ever-changing with new rules and regulations. I can guide you through these changes. I can update you on the latest market trends. I can provide you with all the insights and relevant information needed for you make the right decision. I will be your confidante, keep you on track and making sure that the end result is arrived at safely and as timely as possible. That is my commitment to you as your REALTOR®.

I decided that I wanted to provide my clients with the same service that I would provide my family. Service delivered as I would like to receive it – with honesty, integrity and openness.

Real estate gives me great satisfaction knowing that I helped a Buyer find their next home or a Seller sell their property. I love the relationships and friendships that I develop with my clients. This type of gratification wasn’t there when I worked for a large corporation.

What do you do when you’re not working with clients?

When I’m not working with clients, I am involved in the squash community,

I’d like to say that I’m on court every day working on my game, and that I am on the precipice of becoming a world-ranked player. But in reality, I’m only on the precipice of moving out of the second-last box of the monthly ladder that I am playing in.

I am an advocate of the game of the squash though. I am the Tournament Director with the Mount Royal Squash Club hosting the annual MRU Open Squash Tournament. Every February, the MRU Open hosts 15 world-ranked players competing for ranking points and a cash prize, along side 120 local amateur players.

I am also on the Executive Committee (as Secretary) of the Calgary Interclub Squash Association (CISA). The CISA’s mission is to promote and facilitate competitive squash and sportsmanship within a social framework for all players of all ages and abilities from across the Calgary region.